Monday, May 09, 2005

Chapter 3

Joe Trippi obviously has number of storries to tell reguarding campaigning. Chapter 3 is entitled "horror" and Trippi goes into great detail of some of the despicaable sides of running a campaign for someone.
He describes most campains to be broken down into two groups. Group one consists of the cantidate and his close affiliated friends and supporters (who all hope to benifit from the outcome). And the second group of makeshift hourly wage employes that move from one campaign to another(who are all just trying to make a buck). For obvious reasons I think its safe to see how bad politics could seep into a system built like this and Trippi seems to be more than willing to share a few thoughts on his first hand experience with shady politics.
One story in particular was very shocking. Trippi writes about a campaign he worked on where they were filming a TV advertisement for their cantidates particular stance on abortion. The crazy thing about it is that they film an add for both support and un-support. They were going to wait untill the polls came in next morning before airing the one that would be most accepted by the nation.
After hearing about something like this, my imagination kind of goes crazy. Growing up I think i've always felt really detached from politics, and it's really scary to think of how power can be abused if in the hands of the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Trippi defenetly expresses his disliking to these kinds of politics, but I find myself asking myself if he is someone to look up to, or someone to learn from. Im sure this will play out throughout the next few chapters.


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