Wednesday, May 11, 2005

chapter 4

In chapter 4 Trippi goes into detail of his personal traits that have led to his success on backing cantidates on political campaigns. He describes himself as a person who can easily read into the character of a person based on only a few details. From this he believes he can draw from the cantidates their political stances. This is obviously a good trait to have when deciding who's campaign to back.
He discusses the dificulty of creating timed scripts and how he has boiled it down to a science. He says the words just fly into his head. This is a very difficult thing to do and I have learned this first hand in the video performance class. Its amazing how fast some people can write speaches and fit everything they need to say into an exact amount of time.
At first I thought Trippi was just very self concieted. Buty after this chapter I've realized that he is obviously just very good at his work and isn't afraid to talk about it. His writing style is very cocky and almost comes off with a Hunter S THompson "I dont give a shit" attidtude. He obviously knows what hes talking about but for the most part I havn't really learned anything reguarding up and coming technology. Just history on how things used to work or have worked in the past....boring....


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