Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Chapter 5

Chapter five brings up a number of interesting points involving the details of picking which states to campaign in. Trippi describes vermont as the stupidest place on earth to launch any type of political stance. This is mainly due to the low population and for the most part, as a state, it is ignorded on the national level. This bugged me because it only rubbed in the fact that politicians worry about the numbers more than anything. In a perfect world a cantidates impact/message of a single person in vermont would be weighed the same way and be just as important as a person in an election deciding state such as florida/ohio. But this isn't the way things are and according to Trippi they probably never will be. But the cool thing is that with the internet everyones opinion can be heard and readily broadcasted. And its really cool to see all the people speak up that you would havve never really heard from say 5-7 years ago. I'm not sure if Trippi see's it this way. For the most part he doesn't seem to find a problem in selective campaigning, I guess he w0uld say its just part of the process; which it is.
For the most part hes looking more and more like your run of the mill ignorant statistical politician with every chapter I read. This by no means implies that he doesn't at least know what hes talking about; he does seem to be a very knowledgable person.


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